Innovation Consulting

Josef Martens helps organizations grow through innovation. We understand innovation not merely as an idea that turns into a product or service; this would be too short-sighted. Our approach goes further: we see innovation as an organizational capability. Our consulting services help your organization get better prepared to deal with all aspects relating to creating, capturing and commercializing ideas. We focus on supporting your innovation efforts on any of the four key areas of innovation:

  • Management Innovation
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Service and Product Innovation
  • Operational Innovation

On all areas we help you identify the key needs, develop a step by step solution and help you with your implementation efforts.

Management Innovation
Management Innovation focuses on changing the way your organization is managed.

Strategic Innovation
Are you looking for a new business model that might disrupt your industry or nudge you forward against your competition? Josef can help you find such a new model, work with you to identify its chances of success and implement it.

Service or Product Innovation
No matter whether you are looking for an incremental or radical innovation, Josef has the tools to help your team identify the opportunities, evaluate them and develop the strategy to bring them to the market.

Operational Innovation
Many organizations are looking for the small changes that add up to a big difference. We call them Innovation Tweaks. Josef can bring a treasure trove of such little ideas, and more importantly, he can facilitate your teams to uncover their ideas and bring them to fruition.

Whether you want to improve your innovation pipeline, focus your organization more on innovation or make small tweaks that have big impact, Josef will assist you in identifying the best way to improve business results with innovation. Consulting results may include the following, depending on the specific goal of the engagement:

  • Increased value of innovation pipeline
  • Development and implementation of innovation process
  • Identification of new revenue opportunities, new products and services
  • Integration of innovation into organization’s strategic plan
  • Integration of innovation into individual performance plans
  • Analysis of the strategic innovation options
  • Assessment of the ROI of innovation options
  • Increase in leader’s innovation skills through coaching
  • Identification of specific innovation obstacles and addressing them
  • Analysis and increase to team communication
  • Increased employee engagement