Develop Communication Skills

This popular two to four-day workshop allows innovators to hone and develop communication skills that will overcome one of their biggest challenges.

Often innovators struggle to relate their ideas to someone who has not been involved in the same innovation process. That can be frustrating for all concerned. This is even more true, if the innovators are from a technical field. This workshop is geared for analytical participants, who need a fluff-free approach to communication.

Details of what we do:

This workshop provides tools that will help innovators communicate more effectively in a variety of common interactive situations. Imagine your top innovators…

  • Giving a presentation;
  • Engaging in a negotiation;
  • Navigating conflict;
  • Handling a tricky performance conversation;
  • Leading or participating in team meetings.

Contents is tailored for analytically-minded participants, and shows how they can leverage their strengths in a communication situation without ‘losing the audience’.

Benefits of this Communication Skills for Innovators workshop:

  • Participants with a science, technology or engineering background learn how to leverage their strengths;
  • Mitigate the typical pitfalls of their communication style with a non-technical audience;
  • Learn and practice tools for presentations, dialogue and team meetings;
  • Understand the impact of communication styles on the recipient;
  • Learn how to tailor the message and the delivery for best impact.

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