Dr. Josef Martens: Keynotes on Innovation


Dr. Josef Martens

Today’s competition is more global than ever and organizations are scrambling to identify the means by which they can get the edge over their competitors. The most effective way to lead the market is through innovation. But what does that mean, and how does an organization get there?

Expert and innovation keynote speaker, Dr. Josef Martens, brings the science behind innovation success to life for audiences with:

  • Storytelling appeal
  • Eye-opening scientific explanations
  • Riveting analogies linking business and science
  • Case studies with surprising results

“Truly innovative organizations have no competition.”

Innovation in management shows up in companies that:
1. Create ideas fast;
2. Identify and develop the best ideas;
3. Get those ideas to generate profit; and
4. Make innovation a key organizational process.

The optimal framework for achieving innovation is not static; it is lively and dynamic. What works for one top innovator, or innovating company, will not automatically work for another. Innovation process management must be tailored to your organization and your industry. Dr. Martens will show you how to do this by revealing the science behind the success of innovation.

About Dr. Josef Martens

Dr. Martens holds a Ph.D. in physics, owns several U.S. and international patents, and was one of the innovators who established a new field of products valued at 5 billion dollars U.S (OLED displays). His style of presentation is not like a motivational speaker. It is direct, practical, and no-nonsense because neither theoretical discussions nor motivational fluff can deliver the real-world results that organizations need.

Dr. Martens has worked with a wide range of audiences including researchers, sales people, diverse functional group experts, managers, and senior executives. His universal approach to innovation resonates with audiences all over the world. He has served as an expert speaker, facilitator, and trainer in over thirty countries on five continents, and he is now one of the top innovation speakers.


Dr. Martens’ innovation keynotes and workshops address such issues as:

Organizational Ideation
How we go about creating ideas.

Innovation Myths
How to identify and focus on innovative ideas.
How to minimize any risk.

Capturing Innovation
How to establish a system of innovation that is sustainable, repeatable, and predictable.

Framework for Innovation Strategy
How to establish the innovation pipeline best suited to the culture of your organization and its people.

Global and Industry Trends
How organizations are implementing strategies of innovation on both a global and an industry-specific basis.

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