This half to one-day ideation workshop creates a firework of creativity. Stock up on ideation tools and techniques to spark ideaslots of ideas–in your teams.

We will:

  • Conduct a brief needs assessment, before the session, to determine the unique challenges you face to sparking creativity and encouraging innovation. Then, based on your specific needs, we will…
  • Custom select a range of ideation tools for the workshop;
  • Facilitate the tools during the workshop;
  • Transfer the knowledge (in other words, equip and train you) to successfully run the same ideation process during your team meetings.

Benefits of the Ideation Workshop:

  • Understand the unique barriers to innovation in your organization
  • Learn proven ideation tools to spark the creativity throughout the organization
  • Transfer the tools to other work situations: team meetings, group discussions, dialogues, etc.
  • Increase your teams collective ability to generate effective and successful innovation

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