Ideation and Creativity

Cultivate idea-driven teams that breed unstoppable creativity

In this captivating presentation, Josef shows you how to combat brain-freeze, go beyond ‘low-hanging-fruit-ideas’ and fire up creativity beyond brainstorming.  You will be able to harness inspiration everywhere and begin breeding unstoppable creativity for you and your company. You’ll walk away ready to jump-start creative collaboration to deliver extraordinary outcomes.


This program provides a shift in mindset how you go about creativity and ideation and it equips you with a toolset to turn on creativity for yourself and your team in an instant.

Audiences will reap the following benefits from this program

Learn proven ideation tools to spark the creativity throughout the organization

See how small habits add up to massive creativity

Understand the unique barriers to idea creation in your organization – and how to overcome them

Be armed with five simple techniques to power-up creativity in any situation

Transfer the tools to any work situation: team meetings, crucial conversations, conflict resolutions, negotiations, etc.

Increase collaboration among your team and increase work dynamics

Here’s what some of Josef’s clients say about him: