Programs to Drive Success through Innovation

Spark innovation and change in your organisation. Our keynotes and workshop programs impact top-line and bottom-line results by driving innovation to the core of your organisation. Below find some of our sought after programs that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Keynote: Building a Sustainable Innovation Pipeline

“Many organizations use the “Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V approach” when it comes to management initiatives. The results are better when you use the whole keyboard.”

Have you optimized your innovation pipeline for your organization? Many organizations ‘pick up’ ideas for their organization from other successful companies. 
This is similar to building a dream car, by picking components from different models. Suppose you could combine the styling of a Jaguar, the power plant of a Porsche, the suspension of a BMW, and the interior of a Rolls Royce. Put them together and what have you got? Nothing. They weren’t designed to go together. They don’t fit.

While we can learn from what others are doing, we need to adapt ideas that will truly work for us. In this keynote, Josef shows you what has been done by leading organizations to foster innovation: what works, what doesn’t work and most importantly: why the result depended on the organizational structures, processes and culture. You will also learn how to identify approaches that will work with your unique requirements on a team,  divisional or organizational level. Learn more about this keynote.


Keynote: The Future is not What it Used to Be

“Predicting the future is good. Shaping the future to your advantage is better.”

Can your organization actually shape the future?   Dr. Martens says, “Yes!” Using key insights from the world of physics, Josef will show you the science behind success and help you understand the forces that affect our world, the marketplace and our own lives. The presentation describes specific and practical strategies that you can use immediately to chart your own future, including new opportunities for business success. Your audience will be motivated and inspired to take charge of their future in this uplifting and action-inspiring presentation. Learn more about this keynote.


Keynote: Stratovision: Planning for the Future

“Predicting the future by extrapolating from past and current trends is like driving a car by looking through the rear-view mirror.”

How can you best position your organization for the future? This presentation merges a futurist’s view with traditional strategic planning concepts to maximize your organization’s potential. Stratovision examines and harnesses the three key elements critical to your organization’s success: people, product and processes. This thought-provoking yet practical presentation will stimulate discussion and inform organizational decision-making long into the future. Learn more about this keynote.

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