Innovation Strategy | Workshop on Innovation Strategy by Dr Martens

Driving Innovation to The Core of Your Strategy

This workshop will give you the tools to optimize the innovation pipeline and make decisions that maximize the ROI of your ideas and innovations.

You will learn how to:

  • setup a sustainable innovation pipeline for your team, division or organization;
  • how to put meaningful value into your innovation pipeline.

You will finally understand:

  • the critical decision points and stages of the innovation process.

You will come away having learned:

  • the criteria you need to make critical innovation decisions effectively.

This workshop can be either conducted as a standalone workshop (typically one-day) or it can be tailored to become a more comprehensive strategic planning retreat.

Benefits of the Innovation Strategy Workshop:

  • Understand the different approaches to building a innovation pipeline
  • Know how to build an innovation pipeline that works best for your organization
  • Understand the critical decisions during the innovation process and the best criteria to make those decisions
  • Maximize the value of your innovation pipeline
  • Be able to assess the ROI of ideas, innovations and initiatives