Innovation Workshops

In addition to keynotes, Josef delivers high-impact innovation workshops to spark innovation in your team or organization. The following are descriptions for our various workshop and innovation seminar offerings:

Workshop: Team building for innovation

This one to two-day workshop is designed to foster team building innovation to unleash creative potential, and optimize the results of team collaborations. The workshop combines creativity tools, group discussions and team exercises – all wrapped into an experiential framework. Teams will be able to break through established barriers and patterns in their interaction, which prevent them from reaching their full potential. They will experience a fuller collaboration, both in the workshop and also as they make the transfer to their regular work.  Request more information about this workshop.

Workshop: Innovation Strategy: Driving It Straight To The Core

Josef Martens during Innovation WorkshopThis workshop on innovation strategy will give you the tools to optimize the innovation pipeline and make decisions that maximize the ROI of your ideas and innovations.

 You will learn how to:

  • Setup a sustainable innovation pipeline for your team, division or organization;
  • How to put meaningful value into your innovation pipeline.

You will understand:

  • The critical decision points and stages of the innovation process.

You will come away knowing:

  • The criteria you need to make critical innovation decisions effectively.

This workshop can be either conducted as a standalone workshop (typically one-day) or it can be tailored to become a more comprehensive strategic planning retreat.  Request more information about this workshop.

Workshop: Ideation

This half to one-day workshop creates a firework of creativity. Fill your bag of tricks with ideation tools and techniques to spark ideas in your teams or throughout your organization.  Request more information about this workshop.

Workshop: Marketing innovation

Creating innovative products and services is only half the battle — ideas must then be successfully introduced to the marketplace.  This  marketing innovation workshop provides innovators with insights into marketing strategies for their innovations. Participants will be introduced to a number of marketing tools that can be used both for internal marketing purposes as well as marketing fully-developed innovations to customers. Request more information about this workshop.

Workshop: Communication for innovators

A two to four-day workshop that allows innovators to hone and develop communication skills. Often innovators, particularly those from technical fields, struggle to relate their ideas to others–effectively. This workshop is geared for analytical participants, who need a fluff-free approach to communication ranging from formal speeches to small group presentations to general management communications.  Request more information about this workshop.

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