Josef Martens’ Bio

Josef Martens PhD CSP helps organizations move their innovation efforts from good to great. Having completed his PhD in physics at the University of Cambridge, he was awarded several patents in the field of OLEDs (the materials that are used for high-end TV and phone displays). One of his patents was the first one to describe how the displays can be made to show the full color range instead of just one color. The company he and his colleagues founded on the basis of these patents became the first spin-off company from the University of Cambridge that went through an IPO. It was later bought for US$ 285 million.


Then came a turning point in Josef’s career. This is how he describes it:


As I entered professional life and advanced into leadership positions, I noticed that some colleagues had more influence and accomplished more in their work and relationships even though they had nowhere near the same level of expertise that I had. I began to realize that I am missing something in my skill set, and I set out to explore what this was.


What I found was that it is not about expertise, about processes or putting clever systems in place. Don’t get me wrong, this is all important but it’s not enough. What I have overlooked are the human elements. By that I mean the personal touch, the soft skills and my way of being. These are the drivers for impact and influence; this is what turns ideas into innovations and helps anyone be impactful and influential: The Human Elements of Innovation.


Josef uses his expertise to help individuals and organizations Power-Up their quest for new solutions: extraordinary experts gain impact and influence.


For nearly two decades, Josef has conducted programs in over 30 countries across five continents for client organizations such as Merck&Co, Daimler, AstraZeneca, Siemens, 4-H Council, NASA, the Department of Defense, ASQ, PMI and many more. His fresh, provocative and insightful content has allowed him to be a TEDx speaker.


Josef is a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned international designation of the National Speakers Association. Only about 700 speakers worldwide hold this honor for speaking excellence.