Josef Martens’ Bio

Innovator, futurist and strategy expert, Dr. Josef Martens…

is a sought-after presenter and consultant, appearing at conferences and major events, and  conducting engagements for client organizations.

For over a decade, Dr. Josef Martens has inspired companies and audiences around the world on topics ranging from innovation to successfully taking charge of the future. A scientist turned businessman, Dr. Martens applies cutting-edge insights from the field of science to spark innovation and creativity, key advantages in a changing global economy. Top technology companies such as Daimler-Chrysler and Siemens have sought Dr. Martens’ expertise.

Dr. Martens’ credibility on innovation is unrivaled — he himself is an innovator (not just a showman or an academic). During his doctoral studies in physics at Cambridge and his post-doctoral research at the world-renown Cavendish Laboratory, his groundbreaking work led to multiple U.S., European and International patents. Commercial applications of the technology resulted in a new product field that has grown into a US$5 billion market (OLED displays.)

Dr. Martens also has first hand knowledge of the challenges facing organizations in implementing strategy and in sparking innovation. Previously he served as Research Strategist at one of the world’s largest international technology companies where he oversaw improvements to innovation processes and practices, including strategic planning, human resources management and the design of work environments.

Inspiring, motivating and entertaining, Dr. Martens has led consulting engagements and provided keynote speeches in over 30 countries across five continents.  His expertise helps both individuals and organizations maximize their potential for innovation and creativity.

Dr. Martens is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.