Marketing Innovation

Creating innovative products and services is only half the battle — ideas must then be successfully introduced to the marketplace.  This  workshop provides innovators with insights and strategies for marketing their innovations. Participants will be introduced to several highly effective marketing tools. Learn how to achieve your marketing goals internally as well as when marketing fully-developed innovations to customers.

Innovators and Teams that participate in this workshop will come away with:

  • Enhanced understanding of key marketing concepts and terminology;
  • Practical tips and tools to effectively market their innovations.
  • Knowledge and skills to think like “marketeers;”
  • Tools for identifying both market opportunities and constraints.
  • Top notch preparation to evaluate the true market potential of their own innovations.

Benefits of the Marketing Innovation workshop:

  • Participants without a traditional marketing background will gain understanding of key marketing concepts.
  • Marketers and innovators will be better able to “speak the same language” when it comes to market preparation and launch of innovations.
  • Innovators will be better able to judge the market potential of innovations, and know when and how to fight for limited resources to bring the innovation to market.
  • Innovators will be better prepared to assist in the market introduction of their product or service.
  • Everyone wins!

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