Obstacles to Innovation

Roadblocks to Innovation

Most likely you will have heard these phrases–maybe even spoken them!–and not realized that they are  classic ‘killer phrases’ when it comes to innovation:

  • “We have always done it that way.”
  • “That has been tried so many times before.”
  • “Great idea – but not for us.”

These phrases are indicators for roadblocks to innovation. If you want to have a more thorough look at what is going on in your organization, consider:

  • The processes within your organization
  • The culture of your organization

To fully understand your organization’s unique obstacles to innovation and what to do to step up your innovation efforts, there is a critical tool to get you there called Innovation Mapping. Don’t skip this!

Small teams, entire departments, and large organizations alike will learn how to…

…progress from undertaking isolated innovation initiatives to forging a powerful culture of continuous and sustainable innovation.

Innovation Mapping starts with a detailed road map of the root causes of the drivers and obstacles to innovation in your organization. It then shows you specific steps you can take to optimize your innovation pipeline to get the highest ROI for your innovation efforts.

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