Proven Solutions to Drive Innovation to the Core of Your Business
Josef Martens is helping organizations achieve growth by driving innovation to the core of their business. Our solutions have a rapid and sustainable impact on your organization and your people. We provide solutions that affect business processes, organizational culture, communications, performance and results.
Issue: Your growth has been flat or is not outpacing your competition.
Solution: In the current fast changing business climate there is little or no room for stagnation. A period of flat growth is often an indicator that the situation is ripe for change and possibly disruptive innovation. Josef can help you analyse the situation to find what is missing and also help your team find and implement what is needed to move into a direction of innovation and growth.

Issue: There don’t seem to be any new good ideas.

Solution: Some industries are faster at changing and some are slower. There is no industry that is stagnant, and all change is based on new ideas. Josef’s keynotes and workshops spark new ideas among your workforce and shows you strategies to implement them.

Issue: Many good ideas, but they don’t get done.
Solution: This can be really frustrating, because it can reenforce a belief that ‘nothing will change here’. Josef can help you build an innovation process that fits your organisation. It includes how to tap into the ideas in your organization, how to evaluate them, how to build a ‘portfolio’ of ideas to test and finally implement what works and drives results. The boost in morale from this can be enormous because your team experiences that they have an impact on your organization.

Issue: Too much focus on immediate performance and not on long-term development.
Solution: Incorporating innovation into performance planning is a challenge. Innovation is not easy to measure and the pressure on short term goals is usually bigger. Josef can help you put innovation into your performance measures by quantifying innovation efforts and results. His program can also highlight the urgency to innovate now if you want to grow in the future, and develop your operational managers into strategic leaders.

Issue: Business with long history and many obstacles to change.
Solution: Past success is one of the biggest obstacles to innovation. Building innovation on top of high success is often called the Innovator’s Dilemma. Josef’s programs have helped organizations understand the need for continuous innovation and the strategies to implement it in a business with great success.

Issue: Mid-level management is the problem.
Solution: Senior leadership frequently expects mid-level management to buy into their initiatives very quickly and become champions of these initiatives to the employees. Josef will help you develop an implementation and communication strategy for your initiatives or change programs that engages the mid-level managers, show you tool and techniques to create mid-level buy in and turn your mid-level managers into champions.

If you want to grow your business, your top-line or bottom-line results, Josef can show you how to leverage innovation. Find out how this applies to your business. Please call us at 240 938 1274.