Team Building for Innovation

This one to two-day workshop is designed to help teams unleash their innovation potential, and to optimize the results of their creative collaborations. The workshop combines creativity tools, group discussions and team exercises – all wrapped into an experiential framework. Teams will be able to break through established barriers and patterns in their interaction, which prevent them from reaching their full potential. They will experience a fuller collaboration, both in the workshop and also as they make the transfer to their regular work.

Before the actual workshop,

We will…

  • Conduct interviews with: the team leader; a cross-section from the team; and other stakeholders such as customers or other employees who interact with the team;
  • Identify what works and what the issues are.
  • Prepare for the session by tailoring activities to the specific issues faced by the team, to achieve better dynamics and attain greater success.

Benefits of Teambuilding for Innovation:

  • Develop your team’s ability to spark ideas
  • Strengthen and invigorate your business processes
  • Rev up your team’s ability to capture ideas and move them into the innovation funnel
  • Mobilize and maximize your team’s creative problem-solving skills
  • Increase your team’s ability to work together to make things happen!

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